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Faith Youth Ministry (FYM)

Faith Youth Ministry (FYM)


We long to see (1) students and families being transformed by the Gospel and matured in their faith, (2) families being equipped to intentionally disciple their students at home, (3) new or disengaged students being welcomed in to find meaningful relationships, (4) high school students publicly confessing their faith and becoming communing members, and (5) graduates who love God, his Word, and Church - in and through college - as they mature into adulthood.


Our focus for student ministry (6th - 12th grade) is to equip students with the tools and relationships they need to engage our complex culture with a Biblical worldview. We want them to love and trust Christ with all their heart... in middle school, high school, and beyond!

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Partnership Matters

We seek to partner with parents in the discipleship of their students by equipping them through resources, guidance, relationships, and pastoral care/support. We desire that parents partner with us by prioritizing their student's discipleship and participation in the life of the church. This type of partnership enables students to experience wholistic discipleship.

Discipleship Matters

We love our students so much that everything we do is aimed at helping them grow in Christ. Because their primary purpose in life is to glorify God and enjoy him forever, we must prioritize discipleship as the most important thing we do. We view discipleship as a wholistic process, so we endeavor to shape their faith, form their hope, and expose their loves.

Membership Matters

We affirm that all children of believers should be baptized because they belong to the visible church and have been given promises from Christ. However, those children must personally respond to Christ's promises by receiving and resting on them by faith alone. This is the target we shoot for in our discipleship. Once their profession of faith has been confirmed, they get access to all the privileges and responsibilities of communicant membership. This is an important step as they grow into spiritual maturity in Christ.

Relationships Matter

If discipleship is our destination, then relationships are the wheels on our car. No amount of teaching, correcting, or training will become effectual if the person on the receiving end does not have a relationship with the one teaching. Everything we do - from our large groups, games, small groups, events, and one-on-ones, etc. - emphasizes the necessity of relationships built on trust. We have a ton of fun because relationships matter. We can talk about serious things in meaningful ways because we do ministry as if relationships matter.

Service Matters

Because we're called to serve one another using the gifts God has given us, we desire that students use their gifts to serve their communities. They serve our church by volunteering in different ministries and teams, as well as at events like VBS. They can serve their neighbors through service projects, mission trips, etc. These opportunities are tangible ways for students to live out the reality that they are not their own but belong to God.

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For general questions, pastoral care, or information about next steps, please contact Pastor Cord.

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