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Local Mission

Local Mission

Faith is committed to bringing the hope of the gospel to our local community. 


Missional Life of Faith

Everything we do at Faith should be done with the belief that outsiders can be and are present. Evangelism and discipleship are not mutually exclusive. The gospel is central to all we do. As we experience the gospel as a community, it becomes the greatest witness to the power of the Christian message. We design all of our programs at Faith to take seriously the questions of skeptics and doubter. See the description of a missional church here.

Children and Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry, Club 45, and Children's Ministry all are open to the community. These are fun events where kids engage with Christianity. It is also an open place where it is safe to work through doubts and serious questions.

Community Groups

Community Groups can be a great first step to explore Christianity. Everyone in the group is commited to understanding his or her faith in a deeper way. Groups also live out the call to love and care for each other.

Campus Ministry

Faith loves the campuses of Gainesville and is committed to reaching the University of Florida and Santa Fe College. We partner with RUF, as well as support the Christian Study Center here in Gainesville. 

Church Planting

We know that even with so many churches in the area, there are still so many who are not being reached with the gospel. We are committed to planting churches in North Florida to provide Christ-Centered churches where they are needed. To reach these goals we parnter with the Florida Church Planting Network.