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Our Essential Characteristics

Our Essential Characteristics

Our Values


Our Four Foundational Values represent the ways Faith Presbyterian Church serves as the local presence of Christ



1. Empowered by Christ’s Presence (Sacramental)

We emphasize Christ presence to redeem and bless his people as we gather to worship. Because Christ is present, our worship is not merely an intellectual “remembering” what Christ has done or an emotional manipulation to get us to do something. Instead, our worship leads us to experience Christ through the gospel: starting with an encounter of God’s glory, an awareness of our sin, a renewal in Christ’s grace, and rededication of Christ as our king.

2. Sent on Christ’s Redemptive Mission (Missional)

We participate in Christ’s redemptive mission and believe that conversion is necessary for the hope of salvation. The church, though, is more than just an equipping agency to send missionaries to bring people to Christ; the church is the place where people meet Christ. The church being the church is God’s missionary strategy to the world. This means that we live faithfully as a church, while expecting and inviting non-Christians to participate in the life of the church and worship. We cultivate a missionary mentality both locally and globally.

3. Formed by Our Beliefs about Christ (Confessional)

Our beliefs are fundamental to our Christian identity. They unite us to Christ and determine our behaviors. We desire to understand and be trained in the whole counsel of God’s word. Scripture is our only rule of faith and practice. We seek, however, to read and interpret the scripture with the consensus of the church that is passed down from every age and place through the use of confessions.

4. Devoted to care for and edify one another as the Body of Christ (Communal)

We want to emphasize that participation in a local church really matters. We experience Christ more fully when we serve as a member of Christ’s Body. This means we share each other’s burdens, care for the spiritual nurture of each other’s children, rely on each other’s gifts and resources, and build each other up in the faith.