"And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts,"
-Acts 2:46b

 Dinner for 8 is a great way to meet new people, both from Faith and the community! The dinners provide an opportunity to spend time eating and sharing together.

What happens at Dinner for 8?

During the summer, groups will plan meals and get together at local restaurants or at a participant's home. The emphasis is on fun and fellowship, so you don't have to be a great cook to participate! In addition to having dinner together, plan on spending some time just having fun: like sharing a dinner and showing off your skills at the bowling alley, enjoying a meal in someone's home and playing board games, or just spending time together with some after-dinner coffee. At the end of the day, the specifics surrounding the dinner are up to the individual group!

Is Dinner for 8 a Bible study?

Great question! No, this is just a time for fellowship. Be yourself, and if the conversation takes you back to Sunday's sermon, fantastic, but there are no preconceived expectations for this to be the case.

How does a Dinner for 8 Group work?

  • Simply fill out the online registration form for you and your spouse (if applicable), or fill out a form at the church on a Sign-Up Sunday, and drop it in the offering.
  • After a couple weeks of sign-ups, group will be formed and coordinators assigned (more on how groups are formed and Group Coordinators below!)
  • Once groups are formed, a Group Coordinator will contact members to arrange the details for when and where to meet. 
  • Groups can get creative with the time of day that meals are shared, allowing for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on any day of the week that works best!

How are the Dinner for 8 Groups formed?

  • Groups will be formed with around eight adults, based on the stated availability in scheduled Dinner Weeks, as well as the preference to eat out or in someone's home. 
  • Family size will be considered when creating groups, but generally speaking some groups will have approximately 8 adults comprised of either all couples, two couples and four singles, and others might have one couple and six singles. It all depends on who signs up. The mystery is part of this ministry's excitement!

Will there be separate Dinner for 8 Groups for singles and couples?

No! Our intention is to mix EVERYONE together. That way you will have more fun and individuals from all ages and walks of life will get to know one another. 

All that sounds pretty good, so far, but who cooks the meals?

  • Our desire is for you to spend time eating together, getting to know each other, and to include everyone. 
  • We want everyone to feel that they can participate, and that is why on our sign-up forms we will have you choose whether or not you'd prefer to be part of a group that eats at someone's home or goes out to a restaurant! 
  • For groups that decide they'd rather eat at someone's house, potluck dinners are the best way to simplify meal planning and distribute the costs among everyone in the group. 
  • Dinner groups are encouraged to be creative with the meals they enjoy together. You may even pick a dinner "theme night" (i.e. Italian night, dessert night, soup night, etc.), and everyone can bring a dish that goes along with that theme. 
  • For individuals whose cooking skills aren't up to the challenge, but you'd prefer the home setting, feel free to bring pre-prepared dishes such as Publix friend chicken or a frozen lasagna (baked, of course!). It isn't about the cooking or really even the food, it's about spending time together and having fun!

So what's this about being a Group Coordinator? It sounds scary! How are they selected and what do they do?

  • Being a Group Coordinator (GC) is fun and easy, as long as you have a phone and email!
  • You can sign up to be a GC on the form. Depending on sign-ups, we may need to select one person to help with communicating details for the dinners.
  • We ask that the Group Coordinator contact group members to set up the location, date, and food sign-ups for the gathering. All contact information will be provided to the GC a couple days after the final Sign-Up Sunday for the following Dinner Week. 
  • If the Group Coordinator has questions, they can most definitely contact the office administrator, but we ask that the Group Coordinator serve as the point of contact for their individual groups, as needed. 

Do I have to be a Group Coordinator to have the dinner at my house?

  • No! On the form you can specify that you'd like to open up your home for a dinner without having to also volunteer for the responsibility of being the Group Coordinator.  
  • This is also the same for Group Coordinators! You do not have to host people in your home in order to be a GC!

This is sounding better and better, but I/we have kids. What happens to them?

  • The decision to include children will be completely up to you! If you'd like your children to be part of the fun, simply note on the sign-up form how many children you have. 
  • If others in your group also have kids and you'd like them to have some fun of their own, but not necessarily be with the adults, you can also pool together on babysitting! It's really up to what you and the group would like to do. 
  • Note: the church will not be providing any form of child care for this ministry.

Sounds like fun! How and when do I sign up?

  • Your best question yet! We have scheduled four different Dinner Weeks throughout the summer to allow for flexibility in scheduling: June 4th-16th, June 25th-July 6th, and July 23rd-August 4th. 
  • You can sign up at any time for any of these weeks, but it is important to know that there are sign-up deadlines for the specific upcoming Dinner Week. 
  • You can either sign up online, any day of the week, or in person on Sundays.
  • If you'd rather stick to pen and paper, no problem, just fill out a sign-up sheet on Sunday and put it in the offering plate or in the basket in the Welcome Center. Sign-up sheets will be available outside the Worship Center, on the resources and information table, as well as on the name tag table. If you can't find them, grab a pastor or someone from the Greeting Team to show the way!

When are the sign-up deadlines?

  • Dinner Week 1 (June 4th-16th): The last day to sign up to join a group for that week is Friday, June 1st @9AM. 
  • Dinner Week 2 (June 25th-July 6th): The last day to sign up to join a group for that week is Friday, June 22nd @9AM. 
  • Dinner Week 3 (July 23rd-August 4th): The last day to sign up to join a group for that week is Friday, July 20th @9AM. 

I have more questions, who do I contact?

  • If you have questions about Dinner for 8 in general, please contact the office administrator by email or phone (352-377-5482).
  • If you have questions that pertain to your specific group and group plans, please contact your Group Coordinator!