Faith Presbyterian Church Live Steam

Welcome to Faith Presbyterian's Live Streaming Worship Service. This week the title of our sermon is "Voicing Lament When Things Are Not Right" and we will be looking at the scripture Psalms 39. Lament is not a sign of weak faith but of genuine faithful interaction with God. It acknowledges things should not be the way they are, and that God is the one who can do something about it. While venting our complaints can be spiritually destructive, so can stuffing our complaints. We must pray. In times of darkness and sorrow, God gives us Psalms of lament to guide our voice in calling on him. Psalm 39 places our immediate concerns in the context of life’s frailty and limits. We need Psalm 39 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We need Psalm 39 as we move toward Easter, God’s ultimate answer. Do you typically vent, or do you typically stuff your laments? How can lament deepen your faith and move you closer to God?

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